Kasey Ryan

Kasey Ryan,  is a physical  trainer and holistic wellbeing consultant, in the heart of, NYC.  She has been working in the field of health and wellbeing for thirteen years.  She calls her work soul force, and believes that the true wealth of wellbeing occurs on a soul level.  Wellbeing is not something you can just do when you want,  you must practice the true art of health.    She works best with clients who want to improve their health, lifestyle, and peace of mind. She provides personal training, pilates, yoga, meditation and nutrition amongst several other services.  Kasey educates clients to become aware of the stuck stress in their bodies, by encouraging  mindful movement, meditation, and focused breathing. Her mission is to simply motivate clients to integrate their minds and bodies, so they may focus on healing. She will never give up on you, but will you give up on yourself? Her main goal is to help create change in the hearts of those who fear success. What is success?  Only you can feel what success means for you.

We all face destruction in our lives, whether from a disease, a trauma, or a lack of awareness. Healing and staying fit is a process that never ends. Wellbeing, can only be accomplished if you choose to heal and stay fit. Kasey's coaching style is distinguished, as she places self discovery before fear.  Please inquire about all services with kasey at kasey.yoga@gmail.com. Not only will she be your coach and consultant but she has a wide referral network of like minded professionals, who can get you on the road to yourself. BE YOU.





Bachelors of Arts:  Marymount Manhattan College

Greater Hartford Academy of the Performing Arts High school

Personal Training

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist  

Certified Weight  Loss Specialization

CPR Certified

Certified Steel Mace,  Kettle bells, Club bells


Integrative Nutrition Coach (In progress)

Nutrition Specialization


Radiance Sutras: Instinctive Meditation ( In progress)

Transcendental Meditation Training

Contemplative Ethics + Meditation Certified


Reformer/ Mat Certified (Stott and Classical Instructor)

Balanced Body: Chair, Barrel, Cadillac Training

Pilates hand on cuing and Breathing Training (Stott)


RYT Vinyasa Yoga Certified

Club Bell Yoga Certified

RYT Restorative Yoga Certified

Vedic Chanting Training: Yoga Sutra

Prenatal Yoga Certified

Melt Method: Hand and Foot Training   

Thai Yoga Massage Sunshine School:  Chang Mai Thailand