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With over a decade of experience, in NYC, I created SOULFORCE FIT, an in home and online fitness company. Though I have spent many years based out of New York, I've been expanding my practice slowly but surely.

Invest in yourself, YOU ARE WORTH IT, and you will be glad you did.

SoulForce Fit was founded with the intent to create measurable change.

Soulforce is:


A combination of breath release, stretch flow, meditation and climbing into yourself will help you repair tissue better than any massage. In this session you will get the benefits of a massage without being touched. Explore your limits within the grace of alignment.


This system creates heat and functionality in the core of a human being while simultaneously isolating skeletal mechanics; creating stretch, torque and pliability in the soft tissue of the body.

During Biotensegrity mobility conditioning the human movement system works under isometric tension while withstanding structural integrity. Exercises like shoulder screws, the Pilates roll up, rag doll and Warrior Postures from Yoga, will all be included in your initial assessment.

After your initial assessment is thoroughly completed, you will begin your conditioning phases. These phases are set in place, as a way to measure your progress. As the body becomes conditioned to moving naturally, as it should, the intensity and duration of your session will increase. You will always have a dynamic warm up and static portion of your session and be expected to perform self-myofascial release properly, to increase hydration in soft tissue as well as promote circulation throughout your body.



Designed for the over achiever, the body builder, the athlete who is never wrong! In this sequence you will only do mobility drills which will consist of the most subtle forms of isolation you can imagine. You will relearn how each joint is supposed to function and be glad you didn't forget!

  • Flow

  • Conditioning

  • Embodiment

  • Endurance

  • Alignment

  • Biotensegrity

  • Integrated Life Energy

Although I am primarily sought out for my body work and meditation practices, my fitness programs encourage thoughtful movement patterning. My goal, for you, is to establish functional core stability, while improving joint mobility, coordination, strength and muscular repair.

“The molecules that make up cells and the cells that comprise tissues continually turn over; it is maintenance of pattern integrity that we call ‘life’. Pattern is a manifestation of structure and structural stability results from establishment of spatial relationships that bring individually destabilized structural elements into balance.”

-Donald Ingber, MD, PhD

Rachel Nichols


“Kasey has a deep understanding of pilates and yoga as well as knowledge about how the human body operates - which is very helpful considering I struggle with pain, muscle tightness, and headaches. Kasey is a fun and fantastic teacher, but don't let her smile fool you; her workouts are just the right amount of difficult. She pushes me, but only to the limits of my own body and skill level. I highly recommend her if you are a beginner, an expert, or anything in between.”

Adrienne Miller


“Kasey Ryan is a phenomenal trainer. I love her holistic approach to fitness, and I have gained so much from working with her—physically, of course, but also spiritually and emotionally. I leave my sessions with her feeing so much stronger, in every way.”


  • Asphalt Green

  • Enhanced Chiropractic Solutions

  • CLNYC Physical Therapy

  • Equinox

  • Browning’s Fitness

  • The Harmony Club

  • NY Health and Racquet

  • The Regency Hotel

  • The Plaza Hotel

  • American Leisure

  • Gramercy Pilates

  • Mind Your Body

  • Real Pilates

  • New York Yoga

Continuing Education/Certifications:


  • American Heart Association: CPR Certified
  • Mace swinging: Certified and Led by Leo Savage NYC


  • RMAXInternational: Club Bell Yoga:Washington
  • Fascia Research Congress: Berlin, Germany


  • Contemplative Ethics Meditation: Tibet House
  • Melt Method: Hand and Foot Training:NYC


  • Thai Yoga Massage: Sunshine School Chaing Mai, Thailand


National Academy of Sports Medicine:

  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialization
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Weight loss Specialization



  • Ishta Yoga: Restorative Yoga Certified
  • New York Open Center: Prenatal Yoga Certified


  • New York Yoga: Vinyasa Yoga Certified
  • Smart workout: Pilates Mat/Reformer Certified
  • Balanced Body: Pilates Chair Certified


  • Connecticut Center For Massage Therapy: LMT
  • Marymount Manhattan College: BA in Performing Arts


  • Greater Hartford Academy of the Performing Arts: High school

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