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Healing Arts

Healing is a process, of introspection, regulation, and self-expression. On this page you can see into my personal healing process, and what I do to stay in my most awakened self. I hope that my process inspires you to heal. Your artistic contribution to this world is more valuable than you know, however, it is most valuable to yourself. Healing happens when you learn to regulate your emotions and practice wholehearted self-control. In order to remain in control you must allow yourself the freedom to express your emotions, and process the intensity you face while living life. Creation is the manifestation of your true self. Please connect with me for a virtual session, I can show you how to dance your dance, paint your vision, photograph your idea, write your song, and journal about your personal struggles. Your healing process begins now. Imperfection is human and you're allowed to move at your own pace.




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