You will establish functional core stability, joint mobility, coordination, strength, muscular repair and integration. Healing is the key to growth, growth is the key to strength and strength is the key to function. No matter where you are on your road be it injury recovery, pain management, or bodybuilding, the Kasey Ryan is the professional for you!   Sessions are offered online as well as in person, please contact kasey.yoga@gmail.com for a consultation.
Invest in yourself, you are worth it.


Yoga(to yoke) is a mind-body practice, it involves the integration of the mind and body, it was originally intended for spiritual practice. The best teachers still use it for such intentions today. There are multiple styles of yoga all of which can be of service to you.

Corrective Exercise is great if you have a lot of muscular imbalances, or are recovering from injury.  If your goal is to correct your posture and train your nervous system to align correctly under tension, corrective exercise is for you.  During this session we will explore your limitations as well as your strengths.  Nothing feels better than being aligned. 

Pilates: was created by Joeseph Pilates in the 1920s, intended for rehabilitation, flexibility, and core training. Pilates is a great way to build your core develop breath control  and stay flexible.

A meditation session can  help you fully recover from exercise and prepare you for greater physical and mental strength. If you feel stressed in any way a guided restorative meditation session will get you on the right track.  In this session you will learn restorative yoga techniques in combination with guided breath and meditation techniques.  This is a session you can not afford to skip. 

A combination of breath release, and pelvic floor engagement exercises will lead you to a more productive childbirth and recovery. In this session, you will repair, restore, and replenish your energy.  This session will teach you to reconnect to your pelvic floor and build strength in your deep intrinsic musculature. 

During a Mobility session you will primarily focus on mobility drills which will consist of the most subtle forms of isolation you can imagine. You will relearn how each joint is supposed to function and be glad you didn't forget!  If you are an athlete, body builder or just an average gym rat, you should really do mobility training, at least one day a week. 

This method will create heat and functionality at the core of your body while simultaneously isolate your skeletal mechanics; creating stretch, torque, and pliability in your soft tissues. 

Your body works under isometric tension while withstanding its structural integrity, we call this "tensegrity."  Exercises like shoulder screws, the Pilates roll-up, ragdoll and Warrior Postures from Yoga, will all be included in your tensegrity assessment.

After your tensegrity assessment, you will begin conditioning phases, to improve strength in your connective tissue and musculoskeletal system. These phases are set in an individualist order, as a way to measure your specific progress. As the body becomes conditioned to moving naturally, as it should, the intensity and duration of your session will increase. You will always have a dynamic warm up and static portion of your session and be expected to perform self-myofascial release properly, to increase hydration in soft tissue as well as promote circulation throughout your body.

How long has it been sense you just moved to move?  How long has it been sense you allowed yourself to enjoy the way your body feels in free flow movement?  A Soul force dance session will get you out of every funk you're in.  In this session you discover new ways to move your body to music you may have never heard. 


“The molecules that makeup cells and the cells that comprise tissues continually turn over; it is the maintenance of pattern integrity that we call ‘life’. The pattern is a manifestation of structure and structural stability results from the establishment of spatial relationships that bring individually destabilized structural elements into balance.”

-Donald Ingber, MD, PhD

Healing is an Art

Healing is a process, of introspection, regulation, and self-expression. What can you do to stay in your most awakened self? What kind of process do you need to create for yourself to stay in your best mental, physical, and emotional state? Healing happens when you learn to regulate your emotions and practice wholehearted self-control and self expression. What is a healing art? A healing art is any and every art on earth. You are invited to participate in artistic healing. The way you choose to heal is an art in and of itself. Your healing is a gift to the whole world but first it must start as a gift to you. Be you.